Saturday, October 26, 2013

"I love teaching to kids here. They are so intrigued by the Americans and they're really easy to talk with"

When I opened my email late Sunday night to write Christopher, guess what I found? Christopher was online posting pictures so we got to chat back and forth for a little while.  I asked him what he had for breakfast that morning and to describe for me how he does his laundry. He said he had pancakes and graham crackers and milk. He also said he had a little washing machine to do laundry in so I told him it sounded like he was a little spoiled....:)

Well that was fun being able to chat with you for a while.  Now I'll start my weekly letter.  Our place has the little (somewhat pitiful) machine though so we save time and money with it.  Hey, this was the first time we've had pancakes and the milk isn't real!

So our apartment actually had a nice little discussion last night about America and all the problems it's having and how weird it'll be to go back and see how it's changed.  But we all basically agree that having useless pieces of the government is a waste.  Well good luck to Stef and tell her I'm sad I had to miss it (his aunt's wedding) but super excited for her!

How is High school soccer over already?  I'm just going to guess that Layton didn't make it into the playoffs.  I liked my club team better too.  Well how was Kolsen's birthday?  I hope he had a good time.  Man, it's awesome that Olivia is going out and Avery is almost gone too.  Okay, so one of those pictures was of my companion and Melvin.  Melvin is a priest that's pretty much the most awesome kid in the Philippines.  He always works with the missionaries and it's really helpful because he knows Tagalog, Ilokano, and English (well he's pretty good at it for the most part).  

So this week has been pretty crazy because we had a Zone Training Meeting which took an hour to get to by bus.  And then there was conference for a couple days in the same place.  It is really nice to see those men giving us direction all the way out here in the Pines.  Between all those trips and the day when my companion was sick and had to sleep for 4 hours, we didn't have a whole lot of time to go out and proselyte.  So as a natural result, we didn't teach very many lessons.  But of the lessons we did teach, there was some great spiritual experiences.

I love teaching to kids here.  They are so intrigued by the Americans and they're really easy to talk with.  Children are so innocent and pure, it's no wonder that they're so Christlike.  We had been teaching a girl named Angel and then her friends started to listen to us.  They are by far the best at actually reading the Book of Mormon out of all the investigators we have.  It's a little sad that when we asked them to be baptized they said no.  We're pretty sure this has a lot to do with their parents not wanting them to be baptized and the whole baptized as a Catholic issue.  We might try and teach all their parents too now.  

So there's another 15 year old we've been teaching named Vladimar and he is pretty much pure awesomeness.  He reads everyday and he went to church with us last week.  We went by his house Saturday to ask him about conference, but he wasn't there.  So the next day we go out to the bus that was taking everyone to Vigan for Conference and guess who got there before us?  Yep, it was Vlad.  The other Elders in our apartment asked us when his baptismal date was and we were like "We haven't even taught him a real lesson yet so we haven't committed him either."  He's sick(in a good way).

The two girls we're planning to baptize on Nov. 1 have been super awesome as well.  It's sometimes hard to get them to church since they don't have parents that are members, but hopefully they can get there next week and keep coming.  Investigators have to come to 4 meetings out of 5 before they can be interviewed for baptism.

So now for something funny.  We were headed to our favorite tindahan since our last lesson fell through and there was a drunk guy trying to speak English.  I kid you not, he couldn't form a complete sentence.  He would say the first half of his thought and then repeat it a couple times before giving up.  He kept trying to come give us a hug and then he would dig his cigarette butt into his hand and look at it.  That right there should be reason enough for anyone not to drink, but people use their agency in weird ways.

Well it's time to go.  Make sure grandma and grandpa can get my weekly letters too.  

Oh and as far as a Christmas list goes, I really just want some more pictures and some American candy that isn't chocolate.

Mahal ko kayo lahat!
-Elder Egan


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