Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10th - Happy Birthday Mom! and "I will 'go where He wants me to go.'"

Wow you must've turned like...24? ;) Well I hope everything was excellent for you're birthday because the best mom ever deserves the best birthday ever. Well to start off I just have to say that I've got the best story ever and I'm not telling it until after I'm back! :) It's in my journal so I'll not forget it. (Don't know how I could). Well congrats to Emma. Play some varsity this year. I'm super jealous that you all get to go to the temple that's only 25 minutes away! I do want to see some pictures of the new outside.

This week was a fairly decent week. We had a nice Zone Training Meeting that has helped inspire me to work harder, study better, plan better, and help people be baptized! I'm really going to strive to be the kind of missionary that one can recognize as a servant of Christ. We dropped a little bit on the lessons this week which is in part because the ZTM went a little long and we didn't get fellowshippers a couple of mornings. But we worked just as hard as ever and Denver came to church!! It's been so long since we've been able to teach him since he's working so much now. Unfortunately he's smoking again since he missed the Spiritual strength from Church and his body gives into the addiction when he's tired after working a lot. Satan truly knows when we're at our weakest and when we will most likely give into temptation. We taught him about missionary work on Saturday and he brought a friend to church on Sunday!! He has such a desire to be a missionary it's amazing. We taught him about fasting on Sunday so he could fast to abstain from smoking and then we went to teach his friend that he brought. The first thing his friend said is that his problems immediately seemed to be lifted at church and he wants to know about what commandments he's missing in his life so he can follow them. What a couple of awesome investigators!

We're seeing some good things here and we have interviews on Tuesday which is always great. I love our Mission President and his wife! Well that's the biggest news for this week. I can't tell if I want to stay or leave this area. Part of me wants to go to more places be a part of different people's lives but there are some people I've seen here that could be helped over a period of time and I want to be there as well. So I've determined that I will "go where He wants me to go." I like that quote so I think I'll work on diligence and patience in all aspects of life. I think I could use a little more of that as a missionary.

Love ya'll! Ingat!
-Elder Egan

A picture of an "aurora thingy"
Here's that little kid named Stanly from last week with his adorable little sister Ashlyn.  Their family is great and we're going to teach them a little about the temple because they totally need to be sealed!!! :)

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