Monday, November 25, 2013

"Never thought I would meet a Scottish person on my mission, but it happened"

Hello pamilya at mga kaibigan!  How is everybody?

This week might end up being a lot of pictures and not as much email.  So I have to tell you about the amazingly beautiful beach that we found that's in our area.  It kind of kills me that there's an awesome place like this and the whole water part is, well bawal...guess that gives me an excuse to come back! It's a place called Sabang and it has an island just a little ways off called Salomago island.  That's technically in our area too, but we can't go there because we'd be crossing water and I don't think anyone actually lives there.  But there's lots of nice pictures from there.  Crazy story about Sabang, we were taking a few quick pictures when we ran into a white male that spoke English.  He's from Scotland!  Never thought I would meet a Scottish person on my mission, but it happened.  He's an ex-military guy that met another ex-military Filipina and now they're engaged.  So we talked to him a little and he said we could refer missionaries from Scotland to him.  So we gave his name to the mission office and who knows what will happen now.
We had interviews with President Barrientos this last Friday along with a training from Sister Barrientos and the Assistants to the President.  It really pumped everybody up for hastening the work and Elder Lynn and I both felt like the Spirit was working stronger with us during the weekend.  We are starting to get a little more success with getting investigators that have baptismal dates to come to church.  Lilibeth came with her son and daughter, Jimmy was working this week so hopefully we can teach him about the Sabbath day and he makes it next week.  Christmas might end up really white this year after all! 
Speaking of Christmas, there's a funny story about us caroling.  We were out walking in the sentro of our area and we ran into one of our investigators sisters and started talking with her and a couple of her friends.  Then Elder Lynn told us all that we were going to go caroling.  So we did.  We sang "We wish you a merry Christmas" outside of the house we were by.  The people came out and tried to give us money.  We didn't take it, but the kids did.  We gave them a pamphlet though and set up a return appointment.  The many methods of finding!
Well that's about all I have time for right now so I hope everyone is doing fine and I can't wait to hear from you next week.
Laging mahal ko kayo!
-Elder Egan
so I ran out of time last week to send all the zoo pictures so I'm sending more.

This is that island off of the coast of Sabang

These are all of the adin that follow us around in Namruangan and love us to do magic for them.  The one where we're on a bench is my favorite because I got to sit by a very special soul. The kids here swarm Americans and for whatever reason they really (really) love Elder Lynn and I (almost too much...)


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