Monday, November 11, 2013

"Stinks that you can't be out here experiencing all the amazingness with me"

Magandang hapon! I hope everyone is still doing good.  It's crazy to think I've been out here a whole transfer already.  So I think I'll answer the questions first and move on to this last week.

There is no daylight savings time in the Pinas.  Yes I have plenty of money for my needs.  I have had a few emails from mission friends and I try to send something back so they at least know I read it...usually I can't actually reply.  It would be awesome if I could get all the letters compiled and then send it through the mail.  Printing them would probably work too, but it costs money to do that and that could start getting expensive depending on how often.  Soccer isn't a huge sport here, but I see people playing it in the park 2 or 3 times a week.  We got to play some soccer during our zone activity, but this transfer it's my goal to get us to play soccer every Friday for our exercise.  

Pansit, rice, and adobo...that's some good stuff!!!  I don't think I've ever had all of that in the same sitting, but I've definitely tried all that before!  The package plan will probably work out fine.  Nice, way to scare off the 12 year-olds.  So I guess that's one term down for everyone in school.  Good job to Emma, keep it up!  I'm sure everyone else did good in school too.  Snow and 60s...Ha!  That's freezing!  Thanks for the stories, I love it!

Well, this week has been pretty good I would say, aside from the occasional hiccups.  So we have transfers going on and we found out we're getting two more missionaries in the apartment.  Elder Knowles and his new Filipino companion, Elder Vesaya, are opening San Juan officially which cuts our area basically in half.  I have to say though, I'm super happy that I get to stay in Cabugao, I love this area!  So our new zone leader is going to be Elder Sloan, he graduated from Layton a year before I got in so now we'll have three Layton Elders in one apartment!  So in the apartment we have there has always been some problems with the bathrooms such as the shower head not working in either the up or down stairs CR (comfort room a.k.a. bathroom) and the toilet downstairs only flushes by pouring water down it (we don't use the upstairs one) and there was a leak in the faucet upstairs.  To top all these problems off, our water spinner broke. So Nanay Gaspar got somebody to fix all the problems and another guy to fix the water spinner.  So now we can use either CR and they both have working showers!  It's weird to use those after using a bucket for 6 weeks...anyhow, then she organized a cleaning service project by the BML and his assistant, and she cooked lunch for us!  Did I mention she cooks dinner for us every Sunday?  Yeah, sobrang mabait.  

This last Thursday there was a bagyo signal 2 so we couldn't go out and work.  It really stinks to just sit in the apartment and do nothing.  But the night is always darkest before the dawn, the storm was strongest before the calm (literally), and trials in missionary work seem to work the same way.  We went on companion exchanges on Friday after the bagyo and had huge success.  Elder Sablan had an impression to turn off our path to talk with some other people off of the main road.  They invited us in since it was raining at the time.  The mother was cooking some treats for her daughters birthday the next day and invited us to have merienda with them, they pulled out the orange royal and coke too.  So we had merienda, and then we talked to them about prayer.  It was a great lesson and this family seemed like they would really be accepting towards the gospel.  The only problem is that they leave for Manila on Wednesday for a few months.  We want to leave a BoM with them so they can at least have that.  We contacted a referral next and got 5 new investigators!  They asked us to come back (that really doesn't happen often, especially on the first visit).  Our last lesson was with a new father named Ferdinan, he accepted a baptismal invitation for Dec. 7!!!  Now we just have to figure out how to get our investigators to church...have super magaling nanays bring them! (That's a story for later).  

So I guess now to the funny stuff.  I find this completely unfunny, but the zone leaders were amused.  Elder Sablan gave us a referral in Barbar.  Barbar is the farthest area away that we have.  We didn't realize quite how far away it was so we thought we would save some pamasahe and walk from the highway up to the Brngy.  We didn't get there until an hour and half later when we walked over one bundok and into the next.  Turns out that the referral doesn't exist either.  Sayan naman!  We got a ride back from this old lolo and lola who were taking their grandkids on a ride to get merienda.

Well that's it for this week.  Love you all a lot and miss you too.  Stinks that you can't be out here experiencing all the amazingness with me.

Mahal ko kayo!
-Elder Egan

P.S. I would tell you if I was sick after I was better already.  No I'm not sick and I never really have been yet.
Sun setting over some flooded rice fields.

This little girl always comes by and asks us to do magic when we teach our recent convert.

A picture of the Cabugao District

We were tempted to cross this bridge...but then we looked across the bridge to the other side and realized that nobody had crossed it in years because it was covered in spider webs!

Cutest little Filipino boy ever who got a hold of Christopher's camera and had some fun!

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