Monday, December 16, 2013

A Good Week and a Transfer

Everything is going really good right now.  This last week has been the best week so far as far as being able to teach lessons.  It's even more amazing with the fact that we had Christmas conference in Laoag and that took a full day of proselyting time out of our week. We now have a potential of 18 investigators with baptismal dates, 5 new ones this last week.  That's part of the reason this week was really good as far as being able to teach.  Unfortunately, only 3 of those made it to Church.  Jimmy and Lili with their son Jim Paul (they're daughter Jelina was sick this week).  So now their family is being interviewed on Saturday and as long as Jimmy and Jelina make it to church (of course we want the whole family to come, but Lili and Jim Paul have already met the church attendance requirement) they'll be baptized on Dec. 28.  I really have enjoyed being able to help their family out and to teach them about the gospel.  

Another reason this week has been great is because of all the events that have taken place. Christmas conference on Wednesday was great. I got to see all of my MTC District there and we had a very nice devotional with the whole mission.  220ish missionaries right now all nice and snug in a stake center chapel. (It's really small compared to chapels in America and we couldn't use the overflow). Then we had sports with the Zones from Laoag and down.  I played soccer again for the first time in forever, that was fun.  We had a bunch of Filipino dances and some skits on Wednesday night for a cultural type night.  That was way fun and I think President said he was sending videos to the parents of missionaries.

The day after that was Elder Lynn's year mark.  So he made a shirt and had everyone sign it and write down memories...then he soaked it in alcohol and burned it. Some weird tradition that is. But we all had balut!  I finally had balut, and it's not even bad at all. Oh and quick P.S. before I forget, I got one of the packages, thanks (some of that stuff is a little random though)! 

Then it was Friday the 13th.  Our landlady/nanay had a goat that she killed for us. It's pretty hard to study when a goat is screaming outside the apartment. We ate like kings though! 

Saturday I finished with my 12-wk training program so I can officially say I'm a missionary now!  That was fun. And now for some big news: I'm being transferred. I'm going to Pagudpud B with Elder Ramses. Elder Visaya's old area is Pagudpud and he says it's really nice, a tourist attraction. It's way up North, it's the furthest North in Ilocos Norte. Elder Ramses is a ginger from Australia, I'm excited to start working with him tomorrow. I'll miss Cabugao though. I'll miss my trainer, Elder Lynn, and the washing machine (joke ;) ), but I'll especially miss Jimmy and Lili's baptism. I hope everything goes well with that.

So here's some funny things that happened. We tried teaching, but a drunk came and sat down and we asked him if he was drunk, "I drank a lot" he says, "but it's all in my stomach, not in my head." Facepalm! So we asked him to leave and he did...along with the other male sitting in on the lesson, so we had to end it there. During Sacrament meeting, a little girl that has a mental disability decided she was going to lead the music with the chorister. That was really funny in a cute, innocent way.

Well that's all I have to say for now. We ended the transfer on a really good week and I'm glad I've had this chance to work with Elder Lynn in Cabugao and I look forward to more good work in Pagudpud.

Mahal ko kayo lahat!
-Elder Egan

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