Monday, March 24, 2014

"[My heart] is full of peace, joy, humility, and happiness."

Kumusta mga kaibigan at pamilya (kumusta dagiti gayyem ken pamilya, So maybe to change things up a bit I'll start by asking a couple questions. I can't remember if Cam ever told me or if he did basta I can't remember, where was he called to in the Philippines? Next thing I have to ask for the other uncle Cam, do you think you could send some Korean stuff like just a letter/email in Korean (if you can still). It would be really cool for the Korean family here.

Anyway, my heart is full as I write this email. Full of peace, joy, humility, and happiness. This last Saturday we were able to have a baptism for sister Aiko and Bro. Rommel. I feel very blessed to have been able to witness and be a part of that. They are so great. Aiko has one of the greatest testimonies and her story of conversion is just sweet. Rommel is one of the coolest 12 year olds ever. He has been prepared for a long time. He reads the Book of Mormon better than I did for sure. He just got confirmed yesterday and had an interview for becoming a Deacon. He's starting on his Duty to God already too. He's a great example for his parents who aren't members and for his less-active uncle. Aiko is leaving (maybe) to Claveria this Friday to stay with her family for her summer vacation. I know the Sisters and Elders that are assigned there will take great care of her and she will be a great tool for helping the rest of her family learn about the gospel.

I bet the Philippines is a lot like Brazil and not much has changed probably except for the technology available. Batac is interesting though, it sort of feels like being back home because there is a more wealthy side to it and the people here are actually pretty well off compared to the other places I've been assigned in. There's another family I want to talk about a little bit though. The Acoba family. I was on exchanges with the Zone leaders so Elder Larson and one of our Zone leaders went to teach Acoba last Friday. They taught him the word of wisdom. Elder Larson told me that Acoba wasn't too sure if that could really be a commandment from God but they told him to read about it and then pray and ask God. On Sunday we were worried because he wasn't at church when it started. 15 min. later he walked through the sacrament doors with his two kids dressed in their Sunday best and they had the biggest smiles I'd ever seen. We talked with him after sacrament and he said he read and prayed. He believes it's a commandment from God and he committed to give up coffee and alcohol and start living the word of wisdom. What a great experience!

We have some really great people here, but I know there's still more we haven't found that are just waiting to hear the truth, but don't know yet where to find it. This gospel is true. This is the plan of God for our families that everyone needs to hear. I love and miss you all and I'm so grateful for all of you. This is such marvelous work that we're a part of. Ingat!

Mahal ko kayong lahat,
-Elder Egan

 Tell Mia hi and tell Corby that's freaking sweet that he gets to go to New Zealand to teach skiing.

New digs in Batac

 zone activity we had last week at the sand dunes

pictures from Aiko and Rommel's baptism!

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