Monday, March 24, 2014

"we were reassured that there's diamonds and gold deep down in Pagudpud."

Hello again to family and friends. As usual I can't believe it's been another week and I get to email again already. Yep, trying to help people understand that they not only need to change their behavior, but that it will ultimately be for their good in every way is pretty hard. That pretty much describes perfectly what it's been like on the mission. People don't even know what their missing and most of the time they really don't have a desire to experience anything else. But there are those people out there that have already had their hearts opened by the Lord (just like mom and President Barrientos said) so those are the people we need to find. That's awesome for Nick, Danny, Ryan, and Jacob. They're all going to be great missionaries. Tell 'em congrats and good luck if you can for me. That's an awesome story about Mia. Two thumbs up for her. Keep the piano up Kol, it'll be worth it. Well I'm sure the world is still changing at a rapid pace and I probably won't have a clue about some of the newest and greatest things in America, but I'm sure the stuff that's new right now will make it's way to the Philippines by the time I'm coming home.

So this week...we had exchanges on Wednesday and I got to show Elder Jones (guess what! He's from Utah! go figure) around our area. We found some new people to teach and hopefully we they turn into people that really want to know about the gospel. It was a long day with a lot of walking and we ran into a preacher from a different religion called dating daan (it means old path/way) that Elder Jones had met before and he decided he was going to try and tear down some of the beliefs we have. I just feel bad for him because he said we wouldn't even ask God to know the truth. It's shocking how many people won't do that. Elder Jones is a really great guy and we had a good time on exchanges even though it was a really long day full of walking.

On Thursday we had interviews with President and trainings from the APs about finding those people whose hearts are open and being strictly obedient to be able to do that. When we find these people, the APs encouraged us to give them a baptismal invitation and date if possible and then to help them know the importance of the Restored gospel, the sacrament, and the blessings that come from the sacrament. That way we can find out who are wheat and who are tares. It seems like right now there are a lot of tares in the area, but we were reassured that there's diamonds and gold deep down in Pagudpud.

Friday we had a really thorough weekly planning session and a good companionship inventory. Time is a huge struggle when there's only two missionaries in an apartment. We have so much to do that I honestly haven't had even a second to spare for writing in my journal for over a week now. We realized that we weren't having as much fun with missionary work and we weren't having as much success. I feel like we can do what President says and be strictly obedient, but Elder Ramsay isn't so sure about taking that literally. So we compromise some of the things we want to do to try and get in all of the things we need to do. I feel like a lot of things are sacrificed to help our investigators. It's still slow though. So we're going to try getting in all of the things we need to. Elder Ramsay and I work really good together and we've gone through a lot together. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with transfers next weekend.

We've set a long term goal with the Ramirez family for baptism. Jun. 28th for nanay, Jhesir, Jellamaica, and Jomar. Tatay wasn't there when we taught so we plan on setting the date with him when we can teach him next. It's going to be really hard to try and figure out work schedule with tatay since he's always gone on Sundays. Nanay and Jellamiaca came to church on Sunday even though nanay was sick. They're so prepared to accept the gospel and Satan throws a trial at them with tatay's work. It's always the hardest for the ones that are honestly striving to do what's right.

Well this week is going to be the best week yet I'm sure, and then next week will be even better!!! It's always great to hear from everyone. I love and miss you all. Thanks for everything.

Mahal ko kayong lahat!
-Elder Egan
Here's the house of Sheilla and Rex.  They came to church!!! We're helping them get marriage sorted out so they can be baptized on the 22nd next month!  Rex lost his job though and it might be pretty rough for them so prayers would be appreciated.

On Saturday there was an activity for the Priesthood in the Branch and we went to Dampig to do a workshop on Priesthood responsibilities.  The turnout wasn't too great and unfortunately the Branch is struggling and has a few problems right now...It's a good thing the leaders here are very good though.

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