Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 22nd, 2014 - Learning, Adjusting, Serving

I hope everyone's going well and doing good. So from the whole pictures thing this may end up a little shorter than normal. Well as usual it seems we had some more trials this week. Isn't that a great part of life? We went to the one family that I said I loved a lot (with corn) and the first thing there little kid Stanly says is "dad has a sin. He drank. He needs to repent." A little bold for a 7 year old. This dad has been teaching his kids right though. They know the difference between right and wrong. This kid points out that it's a mistake to drink. Other kids go out and buy the beer for their dad. We shared just real quick about overcoming trials. I think he was kind of shy about it still so they didn't come to church. We went to bring them some tinapay (bakery goods) and just have a good spiritual thought with them on Thursday, but they weren't home. So we took it to another returning less-active and her recent convert father. Turns out that was the last time we would see her because she left for Manila on Saturday to be trained and then go to Singapore. It warms my heart that she has a desire to go to the temple and she's been preparing herself to go someday or at least live worthy of it so she can experience those blessings.

Ah I forgot to explain the whole trials. So I don't remember what I've said about this area and fellowshippers. I'm sure I've said it's awesome. The BML and one branch missionary literally worked almost everyday last transfer. Then a couple other Branch missionaries came back and we started working with another couple recent converts more to give the two a break. Well we were getting super high numbers of member present lessons thanks to all of their work especially since a lot of our investigators from far areas are sisters and we can't teach without a male fellowshipper. Well they all for some reason just started not wanting to work. It's just a lot of drama and somewhat sad. I would explain but it's just ugly and long to explain. Let's just say a lot less member present lessons and sometimes we don't get to teach. We only get to say "sorry, no fellowshipper. Can't teach." At least there have been some opportunities to serve when we weren't able to teach. It's still a lot better than my last areas, it's just sad that instead of progressing, they digressed.

So we taught the Talang family (THE family) and had an FHE with them. They loved it and were so grateful to us for teaching them. They really want to be baptized and go to church, but they won't really commit all that solidly because brother wants to get a new job first so they can always go. Brother said "don't give up on us." I won't, I can't. But sometimes I feel like giving up. They didn't go to church again. Just breaks my heart. We have a good plan for this week to help them though.

We taught Denver's family as well on Saturday. It was great and we have some good ideas to help them save money to go to church. We thought we would get them to come to church this time...only the youngest came again. I need to write a novel on their family too because of how the gospel is changing them. Ever surely and steadily they are moving forward. Had FHE on Sunday and did it about temples and eternal families. They loved it. They prayed to be able to go to church next week. Now it's up to them to work for it. Makes me want to cry when they say that and never end up coming.

Well we're learning a lot, adjusting to the trials, and keeping on serving the Lord. I'm learning to be more happy even when it seems like there are a lot of problems (I don't know how this email sounds, if it's negative or positive). Trying to find those that are ready, but we keep finding more in farther areas (not on purpose, it just happens that way). The finding in the closest areas for us (which are still far) just hasn't led to any success so far. The far areas are where we're seeing some hope. If that's what God wants right now, so be it. Maybe he's trying to test some families so they can be well rooted in the gospel and be the ones to open the way for the more people in order to progress in the far areas. We just gotta keep on doing our best and I know the Lord will provide the way. 

-Elder Egan

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