Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15-All Is Well After Typhoon Luis

Well mom commented on the typhoon that hit or area. It was a signal 3 warning for us so President told us to go in early on Saturday (bummer) and then all of Sunday we couldn't go out (huge bummer). So it was pretty windy and a little rainy until about 4 and all of the sudden it got really calm. THEN, about 7 o'clock... the power went out. That was annoying! So then we got a text from President around 9:45 saying it was close and that we could go to sleep. So we did and it was super hot without the fans. And THEN..............................................................................We woke up and absolutely nothing happened. It was like back in my first area where we had a warning and we were told to stay in and it ended up being way far from us. We didn't even get touched. The power was out though until 3:30 which stunk pretty badly. But we can email now! Yay! :)

So for this week: well it was really rough lessons wise. 17. That was super low. On Monday we didn't get to teach because we were about to go and all of the sudden we got a text from a member asking us to bless their father-in-law so we went all the way out to there house and by the time we got back it was time to go back to the apartment. I would still count it as a successful day though. Then we had a really rough time getting lessons in one of our areas. Even when finding there was a lot of rejection. On Friday we had no fellowshipper and in all of our lessons the mother was home and the father was out working or had some other thing they were gone doing. The help of the members is crucial and we felt the negative effects of having a lack of member support this week. Literally almost everyone was home, but no male so we couldn't teach. Saturday would have been good except for having to go in early. We went to a far area and only got to teach one lesson before having to go back because of the travel time. So after all this struggle and disappointment we went to Church on Sunday and only 58 people came. Half of what it was last week. It was raining a little bit so nobody came. No less-active members and not even the recent converts from our areas came. Then we had the miracle, a small but very real miracle. Denver's sister came to church! The youngest in their family came for the first time here in Sta. Teresita. She said everyone else didn't have money to come (we have an idea to help with that). I'm seeing the change in this family. They are reading the scriptures and learning new things. They are praying daily and recognizing God's hand helping them to change their lives. They accepted to live the Word of Wisdom (even though it's the less-active parents that have the real problem there. They all accepted though). Church is the only thing they're lacking. If they all tried once to go as a family, that would seal the deal. They really need to exercise that faith and trust that God will help them as they obey His commandments. Please pray for them. I feel like we're about to have a really good week.

That's it for this week. I'm very well (actually feeling a little lazy since we just stayed in doing nothing yesterday). Love you all a ton and miss you just as much (it's really a shame you can't all be experiencing what I get to experience daily).

-Elder Egan

P.S. Mom that sound's perfect for a Christmas package. Just load it up with American goods. Maybe a couple ties (some of mine are really old/dirty now).

Here's the Filipinos in our apartment.  Elder Molleno and my companion Elder Saragoza.

I'm proud to say I made these.  It looks like Christmas time again to me.  I actually messed up these little rice flour ball thingys at first.  It was great fun.  They're a part of this dessert called ginataan.  It's delicious and I wish you could have all tasted it.  Maybe I'll learn how to make it

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