Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014 - We'll Keep Pressing On"

(Happy birthday Mia!!) Well that's the second birthday of yours I've missed and I don't know if I'll miss another (part of me just really wants to stay in the Philippines, but I'm pretty sure I won't).

So for the week...well unfortunately Denver, Jeremy and Edison didn't make it to church again. Denver went to Sta. Anna (very northern part of the Philippines) to give a medical paper to his uncle on Sunday and the other two are a little shy without him going. But we taught again on Sunday and we're seeing some progression! Denver doesn't smoke more than one cigarette a day and he goes a few days without smoking, but then gives in. He's close though. He can definitely do it. Edison really has a desire to get rid of smoking to and he himself said he could and would do it. Their awesome. Edison really has respect for the missionaries. He heard that a punk teenager said "F U" to us and he said he was going to beat that kid up. We said don't do that, the guy just doesn't understand what he's saying.

In some other good news, we had two more investigators from Buyun come (where Denver and Edison are from). The YM president's daughters invited them so they came! Great missionary effort from the members. The new companionship is so-far-so good. He has his weaknesses like every other missionary, but I haven't seen anything that's overwhelmingly terrible about him. He's a great person. He just turned 25 which makes me feel really young.

Good luck to all the soccer players in the family. No car huh? (for Emma) I still want to see a picture of the new car. HINT HINT. and of the Ogden temple HINT HINT Congrats to the parents of my newest baby cousin!! They get cuter and cuter every time. No package yet. Tomorrow the APs are coming up for a special training so I'll probably get it then.

Well if I sound up beat and happy that's good. I'm working on always being optimistic, hopeful, patient. Honestly, yesterday just about killed me when Denver didn't come to church let alone anyone else that said they would come. To top that off, I started feeling awful when we were teaching and everyone commented that I looked bad and felt hot and had no energy. That's what a fever will do to you. I'm doing fine now though. God helps his missionaries out pretty quickly. But we'll keep pressing on. Yeah I don't know what you would call fluent. (Mom asked if he felt like he was fluent in the language yet) I'm always learning new stuff, but I can understand like 98% of what people say and I can say anything I want to. Fluent...sure I'm fluent (I guess), perfect: Heck no! Well here in Cagayan there are more pure Ilokano speakers and I've had to teach in Ilokano so I've been learning a lot more of that here. Gift of tongues is still real even when it isn't your mission language :)

That's it everyone. Have a wonderful week. Love and miss you all!
-Elder Egan
Here's a cool pond in an area called Aridowen.  It was literally blue.
These are baby rats...at least we found them as babies and not as giant rats like in Pagudpud.

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