Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Christopher Made it to Laoag!

Christopher left for Laoag, Philippines on Monday September 23rd.  We got to talk to him from the Portland airport where he had a 5 hour layover.  From there he went to Tokyo.  From Tokyo, he went to Manila where he stayed the night and then went on to Laoag. His mission president gave him permission to call from the mission home this morning to let us know he made it safe and sound. And wouldn't you know, my phone's ringer is choosing when to ring and when not to actually ring so we didn't get to talk, just a voicemail. We were happy however, to hear he made it safe and sound!
Here is are some excerpts of previous letters that didn't get posted.  I had asked him why his name tag was not in Tagalog and if he had sang in the choirs with his cousin Chase:

Sept. 14th

I'm not sure if I'll need the pajama pants since I'll most likely be hot enough without anything on so I might send those back.  I did do choir for the first couple weeks, but I didn't go after that (partially because everyone was sick in our district so we couldn't really sing even if we wanted too), but I think I'll try to go to it for my last week.  No the name tag isn't in Tagalog for a couple reasons.
1) The national language and the mission language of the Philippines was English when it was first opened for missionary work so all of the name tags and even church buildings had English names and they've been kept like that ever since
2) There's a church that has similar name tags for missionaries there and those name tags are in Tagalog so you can differentiate the missionaries by ours being in English
I don't think there's really anything I need besides a phone to use in the airport.  I have my travel plans now and we're heading out on the 24th, Monday morning, and we stop in Portland for a while and then in Tokyo before arriving in the Philippines.
Thanks for all you do!
Mahal ko kayo
-Elder Egan

Sept. 21st

 I can't believe Stef is getting married!! That's exciting! 
I did get the package and everyone loved them!  My district says thank you very much and you're a saint.  I didn't get the donuts, they could come today though. So I'll probably send back the sheets and probably one of the PJ bottoms and a shirt and most of my silk ties because silk ties bleed and get ruined in humidity.  But I have to do that today so you'll probably get that next week sometime.  I think the gold bond was a smart thing to send too.  
Ok so Monday, not Tuesday.  That's when I'll call.  Sometime between 10:00 and 3:00 most likely

BTW, he did get the donuts mom -after he wrote on Saturday!
Christopher with friend Braxton Todd
Christopher with some friends from High School


Christopher's MTC district with their flight plans

Picture of his room at the MTC--Yikes!

"pretty much the best district ever!"


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