Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 4-Summary of his first 3 full weeks in the MTC

Set. 7th
Well I don't know what to say really without all the questions to answer.  There's a lot that goes on here so I don't know where to start.  I guess I'll talk about what we do in class and stuff like that.  We teach two "progressing investigators" in Tagalog right now.  One of them is named Ranie and we had him commit to baptism which is great except for the fact that he's really a member already.  We're teaching a woman named Jenny and she has a lot more questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but I think next time we teach her we'll talk about baptism.  Learning things in Tagalaog seems really hard, but it's incredible to see how far we've all come from just 3 and a half weeks ago.  One of the best things I've done with studying the language is memorizing the First Vision in Tagalog.  That took a while to get down, and I really couldn't even follow what I was saying, but it's been nice to know that.  Time flies so fast at the MTC.  My companion and I get along really well and there isn't a better person I could have been matched with.  He has less confidence about the language, but when he just relaxes and has fun he does some amazing things.  Our district gets distracted a lot in class because we always want to have fun, but there's a time and place for all of that.  We really have a lot of fun within our district especially because of our teachers.  Bro. Mansfield is our morning teacher and everyone's shocked that he isn't married yet because of how amazing he is.  Our night class teacher is Sister Briggs.  She was our first "progressing investigator" so all of us were pretty astonished when she showed up to be our teacher one day.  It was kind of frustrating not to have Bro. Mansfield as our teacher for night class, but Sister Briggs is really a good teacher too.  It's kind of like how I will always love my first seminary teacher the best because he made seminary so great, but the rest of the teachers were all pretty awesome too.  Tuesday is our devotional day when we hear from a member of the seventy usually.  We heard from Elder Neil L. Andersen last week (you should let Cameron know that) and this week from Elder Evans.  Devotionals are always really good and help everyone feel the Spirit strongly.  We still haven't played soccer in gym which is a bummer, but playing volleyball and basketball is a lot of fun.  P-day is always great since we get to do laundry and email and all that fun stuff.  But my favorite part is being able to go to the temple every Saturday.  I'm getting in all that I can from the temple since I'll probably be going without that experience when I'm in the Philippines.  Sunday is like going to church all day with a fireside at night and then a church film after that.  Sunday's are nice for winding down and just being able to ponder and feel the Spirit.  Well that's kind of a summary of what the first three weeks have been like all packed into one.

Mahal ko po kayo!
-Elder Egan

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