Monday, July 21, 2014

July 13 - Farewell Batac, Hello Santa Teresita!

Well it has been a super fast transfer once again and I can't believe it. We ended off with a great couple of baptisms!! One of them is standing over my shoulder as I type this. Good thing he doesn't know English!! OOps. He says he understands!! Hahaha Oh if only you all could be here in the computer shop with us!! Well That's the biggest highlight of the week. Again, you'll just have to ask me about their stories and everything once I get back because I'll be able to explain it then. Just know that they're awesome!!!!

We have a total of 4 future missionaries now in Tungbol and one in Quiling Norte. I'm really gonna miss Batac. On that note, I'm getting transferred! Santa Teresita A companions with Elder Avila. I think that might be one of the Filipinos that came out as the same time as me. I'm excited to be going to Cagayan!! Well I wrote some reminders about some things to mention in my email but I forgot my old planner that had all the reminders. So stay tuned for next week!!

Busy kami!! Love and miss you all!!
-Elder Egan
Here's just a couple pictures of the wonderful baptisms we were able to witness on Saturday.  Jeff and Len-len.  What great examples they are.  They have great testimonies and they all want to serve missions!!  I'll miss these guys.

We had a little farewell type  Family Home Evening last Monday with all the gang in Tungbol.

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