Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7-Happy 4th of July and Birthday to dad!!

Well it has been quite a busy week. Being Under the Savior's Yoke. That's my kind of busy! Lot's of great things have happened, are happening, and will still happen. Thank you soo much for the prayers on behalf of Len-len. She has her interview on Wednesday!!! Keep praying for her, but also pray for Jeppoy. They're going to be baptized sabay-sabay (together/on the same day). Jeppoy is just too awesome. He's extremely bright and he already loves missionary work. He is so prepared for baptism now. His father on the other hand...well let's just leave it at the point that his father will let him be baptized, but he's very against it and isn't really supporting at all. Now that's not usually a good situation because no support from family usually means that the person goes less-active pretty quickly. Jeppoy is another case however. He has cousins (our recent convert Aiko and soon to be RC Len-len) that are very strong members and Jeppoy by himself is a strong member (well he will be on Sat./Sun.). I won't go into details, but Jeppoy has some pretty hard trials with his family and he related it back to the Savior and his suffering for our sins. That's coming from a 13 yr. old. He has such big faith in Christ.

Well that's about all I have to say honestly. We're ending my time in Batac with a bang!! Sounds like everyone else is busy too. Just remember to be the good kind of busy. The Savior's yoke is easy - Satan's is much harder. I hope the trips to St. George and Idaho was as nice as you said they were. I actually met an Elder here from St. George during a Dual Zone Activity this morning. He said I looked familiar and it must've been when I was playing in the St. George tournament. Small world. Well good look at the camps (BYU soccer or YW) and enjoy some of those other vacation/work outings. I'm super excited to see the baby pictures when he's born!!

Love and miss y'all!
-Elder Egan

P.S. Haha Mosquito repellant...I haven't used that since my first area. I will again because mosquito season is starting up, but I've basically got as much as I started with so I'll be fine. Hey mom, I don't like thinking about how close I am to a year. I'd much rather prefer to say that I ain't even at a year yet so I'll have plenty of time to keep being a missionary :) It's going way too fast! :(

Here's some pics from the great mountainous valleys of Dariwdiw

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