Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 22- "Punted" Again But Pushing On

How is everyone in the family? Hope the week was good. I guess there was youth conference pala. And a family reunion. Well that sounds fun.

We had another rough one. It's strange to me; last week my companion and I had been doing our best at everything. We were getting everything possible out of studies time and we were being strictly obedient, down to the minute. We were using God's time in the wisest way we knew how. And what happens during the week? We got punted. Half the week pretty much went up in flames as we tried to teach. All our plans seemed to fall apart and so we tried finding and that turned out to nearly no good as well. Bakit kaya ganoon? So why is it like that? Well, we have something to learn from this I'm sure. If nothing else, our patience is being tried and we will come out of this a little stronger than before. I think I'm handling the disappointment a lot better than I would have 6 months ago on my mission. There's a part of preach my gospel about being a successful missionary and as we reviewed that I can honestly 100% say that we were successful. We gave it 132% last week. Miraculously, we didn't drop very far in KIs. The lessons we had were very quality, very spiritual lessons. It seems like we need to do something else in order to have progressing investigators. Our finding doesn't seem to work too well unless it's through members so we'll work on getting some referrals and contacting those that we did get. Even though we only have one progressing investigator right now, he is truly progressing. He will be a CONVERTED investigator at the time of his baptism. All the other people I have come to meet have been able to be a part of their conversion have been so amazing in so many different ways. Jeppoy is no exception. He's the first investigator that wants to work with us. Too bad he's only 14. He followed us to a lesson we had in his barrangay and he said that the feeling of working with us was masaya. He had the "hair-standing up on your arms" feeling when he left and went home. He came to church yesterday even though he told us he wouldn't. The Spirit whispered to him that he needed to and he followed that prompting. Because of that, he was blessed and felt the Spirit. He wants to work with us all the time. We just need to talk to his parents to get permission for him to be baptized. He is truly ready and prepared. Please pray for us and him continually.

Well that's about it from this corner of the world. Love and miss you all ulit!!
Mahal, -Elder Egan

We have the coolest recent converts/investigator in Tungbol ever!  They made food!!  We brought the cake.

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