Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16th 2014 -Happy Birthday Elder Egan!

Kamusta tatay!? Buhay ka pa eh? Haha Oh if only you all spoke Tagalog. Habang buhay sa iyo! Well I hope Tatay and Lolo and Lolo on the other side of the family all enjoyed a wonderful father's day. They didn't really mention that it was father's day here...

Well I knew the World Cup would be in full swing by now. It's really a lot like Brazil I bet. Everyone's got a t.v. The difference is that everyone's about the NBA finals. Haha Heat lose! Well I'm sure I'll have a great birthday and I'm sure I'll have a terrible time trying to remember that I'm 19 when people ask me how old I am. It'll be just a P-day. We might actually have a spare moment to breath once we're done shopping though and then we might sit down and write some letters!! :) Just in case I failed to explain, we really have no time to write letters. I would love to but...well we're hastening the work here in the Laoag mission so that's more of bihira (rare) activity. Hey I got the packages!!! They were great!! As expected, the chocolate melted. But we got those bad boys frozen ulit (again)! Don't worry mom. I'm sure they'll all be eaten by next month. ;) Those are exactly the pictures I was hoping for. I love the photos of when we were super bata (young). Now I can prove that everyone started out with blonde hair and then it turned brown :) Hey I'm missing a picture of the new car though. Haha My Tagalog companion doesn't know that birthday song. They all just use the English version. If you'd like I'll translate to what it really says (with the help of my companion since I don't know what some of those words mean).
Happy greeting, happy day
Happy greeting to your birth
May real happiness be unto you
Kahimanawari...(Even he doesn't know what that is) may your life be long.

Well I hope everything continues to go well for uncle Mike. Hey that's great! The whole helping with Mia's friend Zoey and her mom. Keep up the missionary effort! What I have found helpful so far with helping in reactivation (which was basically where I found our source of success in Cabugao) show how much you care about them and in turn how much our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ care about them. That shouldn't be too hard since you're the most care-giving mom in da whole wide world.

Well as far as the week has been; we topped it off with a nice stake conference. We had a broadcast from Salt Lake to the Pinas and we heard from Sister McConkie, Bishop Davies, Elder Teh (he's Filipino and awesome!) and Elder Cook. All very good talks and very helpful for the Philippines. Too bad it was all English and not everyone understood as clearly as the English missionaries. We had 643 in one building. There were people standing in the back (consequences of being late). It's humorous actually. We thought it started at 9 and told everyone to come at 9. Well we got there early (8:30) and turns out it didn't start until 10. And even though we told everyone 9, they were still late! On another positive though, all of our Recent converts made it and they all brought friends! There was also a member from Urdaneta that came and brought a friend that is from our area. She's fairly wealthy and has tried 4 different churches. She's searching for the truth daw. Boy are we excited to bring her family the Gospel! :) We had a conference on Wednesday with Elder Ardern (Area President) and that was fantastic as well. We had a super spiritual pick me up and what does Satan do? He works double time to get you down. I have been purely exhausted this week. We went out in the rain for 5 hours and taught one lesson only. Lots of walking. We were like "what they hay. What just happened there?" Two days it was like that. So we had a good comp. inv., rolled up the sleeves and said "we're going to work and we aren't stopping until we've seen some progression." Well we saw some progression. It's small, but it's there. The Spirit has been helping us for sure. Studies are awesome right now, I feel like we're learning so much. There are still disappointments, but I can say honestly that we aren't disappointed in ourselves because we're being successful missionaries. We're going for some pretty high goals this week, but we're putting in the faith, diligence, obedience, and work that we need to hit those and there's no way we won't. The Spirit will guide us to those families that are ready to hear the gospel. It's happening. The heavens are open in this Church and we have revelation from prophets, seers, and revelators. We have priesthood leaders that advise us. We have personal revelations and the Spirit guides. I feel like I've received some good personal revelation this past week. Eternal Progression!! In the words of Nephi "Let us be faithful." The Book of Mormon is so true. Don't take it for granted.

Have a wonderful week everyone. :)
Mahal naman!
-Elder Egan

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