Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter from April 20th...(Sorry, Mom is way behind...)

Hello and How's it going to all who may be reading this!  It has been a blazing fast transfer and I can't believe we're starting a new one already.  Well I have some exciting news that I'd like to save or something but I just can't wait to tell everyone.  I'll be training a new Elder this transfer!!  That's pretty exciting news.  Elder Larson is going to Lal-lo to be District Leader and one of the Badoc Elders is becoming our District Leader.  I'm excited for this new experience to be training (just pray that I don't screw up too bad).  Batac is a great place for a first area though.  I'm sure I'll be learning just as much if not more than my new companion.

In other news, it's been hot.  Summer is on and it's going to last until at least July.  After that it should cool down a little bit (maybe 10 degrees or so).  We had a great Easter yesterday...for the most part anyway.  My long sleeve shirt lost a button so I had to sew it back on and that made us late for church unfortunately (the ward started on time the only day that we have a problem like that).  Well we were blessed to have Bro. Acoba come to church again and I might as well tell you how he's been.  I would describe Bro. Acoba as one of those who "[was] kept from the truth only because [he knew] not where to find it."  We taught him about the law of chastity and tithing this last Wednesday (those are some pretty big commandments).  He was so glad that chastity was explained to him since he had kids before being married and now he has no clue where his "wife" went.  If only he had known about it before.  He has already been repenting for it and has only wanted the best for his two kids. To tithing; he said the same thing as he did about the Sabbath: "it's a commandment of God, so I'll follow it."  He said he was ready to be interviewed for baptism and now he just wants to get his kids ready for the interview that we are having next Saturday.  They're getting baptized on May 3!  

So it sounds like everyone's into the soccer mode right now.  Sounds like Kolsen had some sweet shots.  I still want to see the cleats (do whatever Emma did).  Speaking of Emma; first prom/date!  That's exciting!  Yep; jumping...dancing, whatever you want to call it.  Masaya pa rin! (still fun). You look so much different now I swear.  By the time I get back you'll be like a senior in high school or something ;) Oh good old Mia :) I'm sure she'll just be a cute little munchkin for the rest of her life.  Good to hear you've got a job.  I'm sure you'll get a car that's much nicer than the Sentra anyways (that I can steal when you're on a mission! ;)) 

Well let's answer some questions for mom now.  I'll actually get to pick it up today when we go to the office. They celebrate Easter, but they have Lent.  It's basically the whole month up to Easter and they have good Friday, Ash Wednesday (yata), etc.  Lots of parades with statues of Jesus, Mary, and other various saints.  Well all I know about the boutineer is that it always took a long time to get on and all of the mom's did it pretty much.  So good luck!  Way to go Layton!  OK.  So it's another Luke now that she has a crush on.  Where did the Randall's go though??  Conference was in English.  Well I'll try not to live it up to much in Batac.

Well that's about all I've got for now.  I'm sure some exciting things will start to happen in the area.  
Mahal ko kayong lahat!
-Elder Egan

Visit to an "awesome family" in Dumondon on exchanges

300 year anniversary celebration for a municipal called Badoc (part of our District) and the Stake President had the idea to have all the missionaries from the stake and some Badoc ward members sing in the celebration. 

Last district  activtiy

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