Monday, June 9, 2014

May 18th -"We're improving and always striving to do our best."

Well how is my most wonderful family?  From the sounds of it we're down one car, but I'm really relieved to hear that we aren't down one sister.  I know you sort of implied this by saying you were okay, but I'm just going to ask again and make sure: are you ok?  You can't do those things to me Emma, I'll get a heart attack.  There are plenty of things not to take after me in. (that was one that hopefully you didn't take after ;) ).  But yes I'm very happy to hear that you're okay and that you had a good time at morp.  Hopefully Keoni treated you well.  I remember when I hit the tree.  I felt like I hit it pretty hard and I thought it was the wheels on the curb, not the brake light.  I was pretty mad at myself too, but it was a good learning experience.  I was a much safer driver after that and who knows if I would have had a bigger and worse accident if I hadn't learned from my mistake. The good news is that you were blessed to be safe.  Did it make a huge noise??  Sorry, just curious ;)  

Well that's interesting to think about.  It's an example of what happens in life.  God gives us choices and experiences to help us learn and grow.  When we are given even more choices and responsibility, he sometimes lets us experience a trial to help us learn to use our agency more wisely.  We experience some sadness and unpleasant things, but we can choose to improve ourselves and gain more knowledge, joy, and peace.  When we make mistakes and run into stumbling blocks (or trees) the next thing we can do is learn from it.  May pagsisisisi pa rin (there's still repentance).  So let's learn from our mistakes so we can be refined and formed into what God knows we can become.

Well this week has been a lot like every other.  Ups and downs.  We're improving and always striving to do our best.  We're going to break 15 lessons this week for sure.  We were really busy doing some finding and we gave 9 new baptismal dates last week and half of them were brand new finds.  I have a good feeling about these families that we've found.  One of them comes from a referral and she's a 14 year old that reads the Book of Mormon all the time.  She takes it with her wherever she goes.  Whenever we go to teach her she's always gone, but we've taught her family and they've had good experiences before with going to church in San Nicolas and Laoag.  Now we just need to help them learn about the importance of this gospel to prepare them for baptism. The other two families we actually found on exchanges.  One of them is renting rooms to a less-active member and when we went to visit him we were able to teach about the restoration to the family and give a Book of Mormon to them.  The tatay is having a hard time sleeping but he reads the Book of Mormon when he can't and he says it gives him a really peaceful and comforting feeling.  He wants to learn more about the Church but we feel that he will eventually find out that this is where he needs to be baptized.  The last family was also found on exchanges and there are a total of 21 people living in the house(s).  Right now we have given baptismal dates to 4 of them and we have had really good lessons with them.  Bro. Acoba is doing great.  His interview is this Saturday and he'll be able to be baptized on May 31.

I don't know if I'll be staying in this area to see all of these people be baptized, but I have a really good feeling that a lot of them are willing to learn and, although it may take some time, they will receive and accept the gospel. The gospel is a truly beautiful blessing in our lives.  Every good person out there wants it, they just don't know where to find it.  The Lord is preparing more people and opening the hearts of His children.  We're going to give it 132% this week.  Keep praying for us (Can't thank you all enough for the prayers).  This is the work of Salvation. I know that our Redeemer lives.

-Elder Egan

P.S. well I got some ideas for the package.  That yellow rope that you sent me...well it broke unfortunately (must be using it to much).  Just thought I'd let you know.  Also some clearasil.  And Elder Valenton doesn't have a camera so if you could send even a cheap one just so he can take some pictures and show his family that would be awesome! :)  (I'm letting him send pictures from my camera but I'm talking about later on specifically).  And last but not least: (definitely not least) Pictures!!!!!!!!  Old (like California old), new (specially those) but just some pictures of the fam. that I can show others.  But yes, that would be just splendid. 

P.P.S. I still have no idea what's going on in America or any sort of worldly news type stuff, but you should make note of any good movies that you see so I can catch up after I'm back (which is still a long way off hopefully ;) )

Happy car hunting!

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