Monday, June 9, 2014

April 28th -Busy, Hard Week

Whew!  What a busy and hard week!  We got back Wednesday night from Laoag and started on getting into the missionary life.  We only had 4 days this week to work, but we had a really hard time getting lessons in. Missionary work in the ward is absolutely necessary.  If the missionaries come over, follow what they say and help them out as much as you can.  It's so different here compared to Utah, or America even.  The church is relatively new (53 years right?) here and it's building slowly. There needs to be some programs instituted to help the missionary work and then perfected here.  I think I learned a good bit about patience with my last two companions and I'm sure I'll keep learning.  I just hope we can be obedient as possible (time management is still hard with only two Elders in the apartment).  Busy, busy, busy.

Well that's cool to hear that Elder Andersen spoke at the broadcast.  He spoke to us in the MTC too.  Make sure to keep me up to date on where Ryan, Adam, and Jacob are going.  I'll definitely want to hear about the boundaries.  Keep working Kolsen, even the best teams lose (sometimes a lot).  Poor Mia.  She can come here, it's nice and hot! ;)  Favorite food... there's a lot.  Chumba-chumba maybe.  Just write it down and tell me to explain it when I get back.  Happy birthday Stef!  Yes I got both packages and they're perfect!!!  Well actually the cord for the ipod might be a little broken (may have to do with the exposed wires and sorts).  But I'll see if I can get it to work and update you next week.  Yes!!  Preach my gospel is awesome for all the members.  Pay attention to ch.9 about finding (specifically the working with ward members part).

Well not a whole lot went on.  Two days of waiting for my companion.  Bro. Acoba and his family will hopefully get baptized this Saturday.  We have to review the bapt. int. ?s.  It's really hard to teach right now for some reason.  Either we go to the houses and nobody is home or we don't have a fellowshipper, or there's no reply from people.  Don't know why it's super hard all of the sudden but I'm sure there's a good thing the Lord has in store.

Love and miss you all!
-Elder Egan

Elder Egan and his new trainee

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