Monday, June 9, 2014

June 8th 2014 - "The Lord is hastening his work, are we helping Him or not?"

Happy summer break everyone! It's funny because everyone's schooling here either just started last week or starts today. Well since I confused you all, I'm still in Batac. Next transfer (when Elder Valenton's training is done) 98% sure I'm getting transferred. But in other news, we lost two of our best prospects for baptism. The first one is Alpred that isn't baptized only because he has a WoW problem. He moved back to Solsona which is a different Branch so the missionaries over there will be working with him. Our next investigator was a house-helper at a member's home that had been coming to church with them for who knows how long. Well we extended the baptismal invitation for the end of this month after teaching her for the third time and she didn't want to be baptized. So we just bore testimony of how important it is and how she would know she needs to if she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. Well she decided to leave to Manila because apparently she felt like we were going to force her to be baptized if she stayed. So we weren't exactly sure who to focus on next. Well come Sunday and we have two of our investigators from WAY far away come to church. I'm sure you remember some of the pictures of poor people's houses I've sent. Well they're living in very humbling circumstances. Nanay has 12 kids. A few have moved out but there's still at least 11 people living there. Only nanay and her 14 year old daughter Jenica came. There are a lot of girls around that age for some reason that really like the gospel and actually want to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Elna, Shane, and Gellen from my first area, Sherwin and Jenny Ann from Pagudpud, and now Jenica. We really need to teach the whole family so we can help them all receive the blessings of the Gospel (so far we haven't met tatay yet). And our recent convert Aiko is back from Claveria! It was great because she took Len-len to church (she hasn't come for a while because she didn't have a friend). And our fellowshipper Crismar will be back this week so we can teach Len-len again.

So there are some good things happening along with the bad. I like dad's four step cycle. It's true, that's what we use. The problem is that step 3 doesn't get done a whole lot with our investigators. I don't get it, but people seem just so blind sometimes. The Great Apostasy has had some far reaching effects here. Some people here won't take one minute of time to read the Book of Mormon to find out if it really contains the everlasting gospel. There are so many approaches I've tried with teaching and I've never honestly met anyone right off the back and seen them desire to know about the gospel. People just don't seem to care if there's more out there than what they know. Some people don't even really care that they KNOW they're breaking God's commandments. Just one giant example. Sunday is the Sabbath. Every person who "believes" in the Bible knows that is part of the 10 commandments (unless they're 7th day adventist). And what day is the busiest at the market here? Yep, Sunday. And some people here wonder why finances are difficult. Satan really has great hold on the hearts of the people. But God is still preparing His children to receive the gospel!! Bro. Acoba is the best example for everything. He was a referral from Bishop that turned into 4 converted investigators baptized. I know there's people out there like that, but we need help finding them and helping them receive the fulness of the Gospel. Members know their friends, family, and neighbors a lot better than two 18-20ish year olds who are completely new to that city, state, or country even especially when they are only staying there for 6 weeks to 6 months. We need to follow the advice and revelation of the Prophet. The Lord is hastening his work, are we helping Him or not? Unfortunately, I would say we could be doing much better. If there were one person that you could invite to learn about the gospel and there are 100+ in the ward (there's probably more in our ward but I'm counting here), how many people would that be? Pretty simple, 100+. Let's say only half even say yes. Let's say only half of those actually commit to learn about the gospel. Let's say half of them come to church. Now half have a baptismal date. Half of them get baptized on their scheduled baptismal date. That's at least three baptisms my dear friends. And of those that want to learn, down the road they may be baptized. Even those that don't accept at first may do so later on. Our effort is not wasted, but it is if we don't give any effort. The Lord needs us. We have the vision. We have the instructions. Are we going to act? If so, I promise we will celebrate. This has been a successful month for me so far and it's only the second week in. How much more could be done by the end of the month? Let us act.

Well there's my little kuan for the world. :) Hope everyone has a great week, I'm going to make this week a great week. Love and miss you all, -Elder Egan

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