Monday, June 9, 2014

May 4th -"The Lord is too kind to me"

Well hello family I hope you've had a great week (aside from the whole stake changes thing). Look at it this way, there are enough members to have a split in the stake. How many members are in our ward now? Of course I'll pray hard for you whilst all is being taken care of. You could be the Primary President, teacher, conductor, chorister, and YM president to boot right? ;) I'm sure it will be just a good ball of fun and enjoyment ;) But in other news, tell me where Sunshine (Austin) is going to serve. That's pretty sweet that they're doing that good. I guess Viewmont is pretty good this year eh? What about Ryan?? Or mister Clark???

Anyway, Acoba's family did not get baptized. We were going over the bapt. ?s and when we went over the Word of Wisdom he told us that he had been drinking just one shot every other week. Can you imagine, that small of a thing is keeping his family from being baptized and eventually being sealed. Addictions are the hardest thing to overcome, even when it seems like it should be relatively easy. So I hope by the end of this month they can be baptized, but I feel like it's going to take a lot of work for him. Well the work here got extremely hard. We had a full week and only got 4 more lessons than last week (-2 days last week). Our best fellowshipper has to work as a tricey driver now so we have pretty much no fellowshipper. We had a good MCM in the ward yesterday and it seems like we'll get things back up and going again.

Well yesterday started out as a seemingly miserable Sunday because none of our investigators came to church. So I was pondering as the sacrament service was about to begin really thinking about what we could do to help our investigators come to church. The water was about to be passed and I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad that all our work had seemly been for nothing, but just in that depressing moment guess who walked up the stairs and looked through the door into the chapel? Sheilla from Pagudpud!!!!!!!!!!! She just moved here to start working and found out that the church was really close to her house. Guess what else? She and Rex were married and baptized!!!!!! That enormous pick me up made the day!! On top of that, Len-len (progressing investigator) came with Rommel and their friend Jepperson from the back (Filipino time is a lot like Egan time). The Lord is too kind to me.

Well this week will be a little short because we have a lot to do and little time to do it! Love and miss you all, -Elder Egan

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