Monday, June 2, 2014

"Hardest Week Here So Far"

Well conference was great yesterday.  So for how it works: everyone in the Batac stake (yeah it's actually a stake) goes to the stake center (which is in the next municipal called Paoay).  They have all the conference sessions broadcast in the stake center.  I thought conference was wonderful.  There were some great overall messages as well as some that I found more personal guidance from.  One that surprised me was Elder Ridd's talk.  I thought that one explained perfectly how the youth of today are affected by the internet.  Well congratulations to Addison!  She's getting old way too fast. How was the Lasik??  You'll have to tell me a little more detail about how it went, but I bet by next week you'll be seeing and looking perfect.  So Emma got the job and she's driving now.  Well I'm sure she'll start to get a lot more familiar with Layton and Kaysville (I did).  Hey quick question: how is the soccer team doing at Layton? Emma's got quite a few friends from the team by the sound of it so I'm sure she knows a little bit (and it's her school now I guess).  Mia, Mia, Mia.  She's probably super huge now with long hair and more teeth.  She's living up to the Egan soccer name I guess.  So who did move into the Randall's house?  And where did they move?  Oh wow, Bro. Yerka is moving in talaga (really)?  He was my first seminary teacher at Layton High.  He's pretty sweet (I mean he has the best first name ever ;) ).  Make sure to say hi to him for me.  Wow, I can't believe Brennan's home already.

Well this week has been probably the hardest one here so far.  We lost a lot of time for proselyting for a few reasons.  Tuesday we went out to a far baranggay and found out exactly where everyone didn't live anymore.  That was maybe the least fun 3 hours of straight walking in the heat of my life.  Then on Wednesday Elder Larson was sick so we couldn't get out until 1 and we had to go to Badoc to do interviews for them.  We had enough time to go to an area called Tabug and hopefully get 3 lessons.  Well we got punted like a football on 4th down.  Complete 0 day.  Conference took a good amount of our time too (although it was a very good spiritual use of time).  So we did a lot more walking I feel than we did teaching which is rather unfortunate.  But we've been giving it our all and the Lord is blessing the area.  Sister Len-len (Aiko's friend) has come to church 3 weeks in a row now and attended 3 of the conference sessions.  She liked it a lot and I think she's beginning to gain a testimony.  She always reads her reading assignments and now what she really needs to do is just sincerely pray to gain a witness of the truth.  She might get baptized before May 10th at the rate she's progressing.  It definitely takes awhile for people to really learn how to live the gospel after they've been living in a culture that is so different.  The effects of the Apostasy were very far reaching and long lasting.

It's pretty hard still, especially the finding right now.  We really need to do what Elder Ballard said; pray to be led to someone that you can invite to listen to the missionaries and then follow-up.  There are people ready and waiting to hear the gospel and we know our friends and neighbors a lot better than two Elders or Sisters from a different state or country.  Love you all though and miss you all too.  Can't wait to hear again next week and get to share a little more with you.

Mahal ko kayong lahat,
Some college kids they are teaching

Nice new apartment

Elder Egan's favorite part of the new apartment
-Elder Egan

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