Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 29 - "We have some great things happening here"

Big hello and happy day to all!! Well it's been a pretty good week here and I'm just dying to tell you all a great story.

So Len-len (long time investigator and friends with Crismar, Aiko, Rommel, and Jeppoy) finally told us her concern of why she doesn't really feel ready to be baptized! It's a very long story but I'll cut to the chase. We had just taught a lesson to Bro. Acoba about eternal marriage (man he is a great father and would make a great husband. Pray that he finds a good eternal companion) and he gave us a ride over to Tungbol with Jeppoy (yeah he still fellowships with us Saturday and Sunday even though he's just an investigator) to teach Len-len. It's 6:30 at this point and we figure we'll have a short lesson and get back to the apartment by 7. Well Bro. Acoba did some introducing with our recent convert Aiko and Len-len and Jeppoy were doing some friendship building and then we started into the lesson. She had a real quick question and then we went over what baptism and confirmation was. No problem. So I decided we would just go through the questions to see if she was ready for baptism. She believes God is our Father in Heaven and His son is Jesus Christ the Savior and Redeemer. So we asked if she believed the Book of Mormon was true. She said in all honesty she wasn't sure if it had quite sunken in of being completely true. So we asked her why not. She said that maybe there is a lack of desire sometimes to truly know. So I shared how that was actually my problem for a while before finding out if it was true. Then I told about one verse in particular that I read that helped me know it was true. I didn't say what verse or quote it exactly but the Spirit took over the lesson and Elder Valenton turned right to the verse (no he did not know before hand that it was that verse) and shared it. Then our recent converts (Aiko and Bro. Acoba) testified like the bosses they are and Aiko basically asked her to commit to baptism. That's when she let out what her true concern is. She's afraid of going Less-Active!!! She wants to have like a 100% knowledge that it's true so she won't go Less-Active because of the whole "it would have been better if ye had not known me" scripture. Mas malaking kasalanan daw. (It's a bigger sin). Then Bro. Acoba testified again like a boss to have no fear and trust in the Lord (did I tell you he's a complete boss?) and the Spirit was so strong I felt like I was swimming in it (it's bawal by the way to swim if you're a missionary). So we decided to bring out all the big guns. We committed her to read with purpose and ponder the Book of Mormon every day this week and to pray with faith in Christ and real intent, asking God if it is true, then to go to church next Sunday and pick one day to fast for the answer and we promised that she would get it. That's a big promise. She committed; now it's up to her to hold on to her end of the promise so God can as well. Boy are we praying for her and I want to ask all of you to pray for her as well. The Lord really wants her to be baptized. Sooner than later. She would be an incredible leader someday and she would be able to help so many people come unto Christ. Her faith is growing and it's almost ready to bring forth fruit. We just need to nourish it a little more to help her open the gates of the Celestial Kingdom. So we're going to have a family home evening with the Tungbol clan and another boss fellowshipper named Jomary tonight. We're seriously bringing out all of the big guns this week. I'm ready for one of the toughest, but most spiritual weeks right now. I'm super pumped. We have some great things happening here. It's just awesome to be a missionary!

Well I hope you liked our story everyone. Now I have a few things to say regarding other matters. I'm not sure what date exactly Stef got married, but do I have a new cousin that you may have completely forgotten to mention? Well if so I forgive you, on conditions that I get to see pictures or if that cousin still happens to be in the womb an ultrasound would do. I'm also waiting to know what the new car looks like. Yep those are homemade french fries. Nope we don't get berries. Honestly, I just love having American candy no matter what shape or size. I have to say that reese's pieces would probably hold up a little better (reese's is still delicious when it's a giant melted soup by the way). Hey you could send a picture of what Mark and Julie's house looks like too! Don't feel too bad about not seeing Johnny. I haven't either ;) Well that's about it I suppose.
Love and miss you all!

Mahal naman!
-Elder Egan

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